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Fleet Health Check

About Us

Energy Saving Trust (EST) is a social enterprise with charitable status. We give impartial, accurate and independent advice to organisations, households and communities on how to reduce carbon emissions, reduce fuel bills, use water more sustainably and drive smarter.

EST's Transport Advice team offers a range of services to organisations in the UK, covering a variety of sustainable transport issues. In England, many of these are part subsidised or fully funded by the Department for Transport. For more information, visit

Contact Us

For help completing your Fleet Health Check or to find out about other transport services EST provide, contact us:
0845 602 1425


Fleet Health Check Online is a unique calculation tool backed by the expertise of the Energy Saving Trust. We hope that any recommendations provided help you take action to reduce your carbon emissions and fuel costs. Please note that the Energy Saving Trust is not responsible or liable for any decisions you make as a result of your Fleet Health Check Online.

Data policy - use of your personal information

We will not share your details with any third parties. On completion of a Fleet Health Check, your organisation will automatically gain Energy Saving Trust Motorvate member status. As a member of Motorvate, you will receive transport advice and information about funded services from the Energy Saving Trust by email. If you would prefer not to become a Motorvate member, simply reply back to the email you are sent with your report and let us know.

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