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Fleet Health Check

How does it work?

To find out about specific cost and carbon savings opportunities for your organisation,
we’ll need you to provide some basic information about your fleet.

The information we require includes the amount of fuel your organisation typically uses or your business mileage. We’ll then ask for your name, your organisation and your email address so we can send you your tailored report and recommendations.

Fleet Health Check is free and the Energy Saving Trust’s advice is completely impartial. Funded by the Department for Transport, we have worked with hundreds of fleets in England to help them reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

On completion of a Fleet Health Check, your organisation will automatically gain Energy Saving Trust Motorvate member status.
Benefits include use of the logo to promote your environmental credentials as well as access to free advice and funding offers.

Does your organisation need to reduce fleet costs and carbon emissions?

With a rapidly changing fleet market it can be hard to know where to start.

Fleet Health Check can help point you in the right direction. Easy and straightforward to use, this tool will calculate your fleet carbon footprint and help you take the first step towards meeting your environmental targets and objectives.


Questions about Fleet Health Check or any other transport issue?

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